• aoife plunkett

What is needed as a Student Graphic Designer!

Getting into a design college only has the process, and the other half is to buy the products needed to be a graphic designer. The top three items for a student graphic designer are having an Apple MacBook, adobe software, and finally having a portfolio website that has your work.

Apple products

Two of those products are the MacBook Pro, which is great for designers and students in general, and the iPad Pro is great for designers or non-designers who want to draw digital.

Adobe Software

Being a designer means learning how to use Adobe software like After Effects, InDesign, photoshop, and Illustration, plus more if you get the student discount of 19.99 a month.

Portfolio Website

Another thing a designer would need is a website showing off their portfolio artwork and designs. A website I would use is Wix because, with this web builder, anyone can create a website for themselves or others in an easy way using templates.

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